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Title Description
Caixa Geral subscriber medical committee AposentaƧƵes
Beneficiary of ADSE, IP - health care with limits in the free regime
European Social Security Health Insurance Card
Private examinations
Waiting list for surgery - consultation
National Registry of Users - consultation
Moderating fees - recognition of economic inadequacy for exemption from payment
Health units - consultation
Pharmacies - search
Drugs sold out
Generic drugs in the market - research
Drugs online and at home - research
Pharmacy service - complaint
Sale of medicines not subject to medical prescription - consultation
Financial support for projects under the National Health Plan - Application
ADSE - declaration for IRS purposes
Beneficiary of ADSE - data change
European Card for Social Security Health Insurance
European Health Insurance Card ADSE
European Health Insurance Card of Social Security - renovation
Pooling complement of ADSE - declaration