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Title Description
Surveillance of residence during the summer holidays
Social Rental Market - real estate exchange
Buy a house
Properties / Houses of corner of the Roads of Portugal - search
Real Estate Auctions of Estradas de Portugal - consultation
Simulation of Housing Credit
Youth rentals - application to the Porta 65-Jovem program
Reading Communication to EDP
Condominium - information request
Water consumption - simulation
EPAL water bill in Braille - membership
Water supply contract by EPAL - celebration
Endesa electricity supply contract
Construction company / real estate agency - claim
Endesa - information / complaint
Electricity - Connections to the transmission and distribution networks
Electricity - tariffs for access to the transmission and distribution network in the liberalized market
Electricity - tariffs for domestic consumers / small consumers
EPAL water meter reading - communication
Licensing process for Estradas de Portugal - consultation
Licensing Process of Estradas de Portugal - submission
EPAL home care services - requisition
Power and Consumption Simulator
ITED responsibility terms (issued under the previous scheme) - research
Title of registration in the IMPIC - search
Land registry - permanent certificate consultation
Building permit - rates simulator
Estate agent - research
Join in construction activity - simulator
Publications catalog of Portugal Roads - consultation
Land Registry Online - certified private document storage