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Title Description
Consultation of Taxes of the Municipal Intendance of Salto
Consultation of Tax Debt of the Municipality of Canelones
Cadastral Certificate
Tax Exemption for the Importation of Vehicles for Persons with Disabilities
Modification of Balance Date
Return of Stamp to Judicial Executions
Debt Consultation - Primary Tax
Sole Certificate - Annual Validity Consultation
Exemption from Personal Income Tax for Real Estate Leases
Subsidy to the Clothing Industry (Law 18,846)
Application for Change of Endorsee in Credit Certificate.
Current Situation of Padrones - San José
Modification of Giro - Social Monotributo MIDES (Law 18.874)
Exemption from Donations from Private Institutions
Exemption - Rollover Patent for theft
Exemption - Rollover Patent for theft