Government Services

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Title Description
Registration for Tablet Delivery of the Ibirapitá Plan
Operating Claims - OSE
Registration for Procertification
Postal Service of Postal Services of the Uruguayan Post
Transportation Service for People with Reduced Mobility
Information and guides for the Replacement of Equipment (Plan Ceibal)
Request for Modifications of Operating Parameters of Audiovisual Media Stations
National Paquetería - Shipping Of Paqueteria To All The National Territory
Employment Guidance Interview Request
SOS Court Request
Family Search Request
Reference and Bibliography
Request for Modification of the Bank Account
Yo Ahorro - New System of Previous Savings for Housing
Línea Azul Department Abuse Hotline
Consumption Simulators - UTE
Notification of Diseases and Events of Compulsory Notification
Centers for Childhood and Family Care - CAIF
Guided visits to Military Museums
Substitution of Guarantee by Deposit in Banking Institution
Advance of withdrawal in the Armed Forces
Legal Office Social Protection Service
Visit of Teaching Centers to Units of the National Navy
Sale and Donation of Books of the "Book Diffusion Center Division"
Application - Face-to-face consultation - Technical Standards Unit
Free Guided Tours of the Museums