Government Payments

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Title Description
Fines Register of Financial Statements (Fines REC)
Modalities of Payment - UTE 
ANTEL invoice: Duplicate Printing and Consultation
Payment of LATU Services
OSE Invoice Payment System
Payment of Loan Installments of the BHU
Payment of Personal Funeral Services
Consultation of Rollover Patent Payment Agreement
Printing of Payment Tickets - DGI Debts
Form 1700
Payment of Judicial Decisions
Payment - Rate of bromatological control
Sworn Statement by Canon Concept of Developers of Free Private Zones
Free Certificate of Fines (Montevideo and Paysandú Police Headquarters)
Payment - Of notices and propaganda
Subscription of Agreements
Real Estate Contribution Payment - Rivera
Payment - Procedure to release a car with a parking violation
Payment of Burial Expenses
Exemption - General Fee for Sports Clubs