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Title Description
Request for Proof of Negative Medical Product Registration for Tender
Quarterly Balance of Precursors and Chemical Products
Registration of Titles and Certificates of Health Professionals
Vaccination against Yellow Fever for Travel Abroad
Monthly Report on Drugs with Active Pharmacovigilance
Request for Personal Dosimetry Service
Course of Integral Nursing Assistant (Module I)
Cremation request
Consultations of Medical Products to the Technology Evaluation Department
Hospital Expenditures Report
Request for a Certificate of Concurrence or Result of Studies Performed in the Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility of the INDT
Theft / Loss of Recipes
Registration and Authorization of Sale in Uruguay of Medical Products
Requests for Incorporation to the Therapeutic Drug Formulary (FTM)
Health Card
Health Card
Vaccination Service of the Police Hospital
Registration as a user of the Police Hospital
Vaccination service - Certificate of Vaccination Scheme
Vaccination service - Certificate of Vaccination Scheme
Traveler Report with Symptoms of Infectious Disease