Customs and Trade

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Title Description
Import of Used Vehicles - Certificate of Necessity
Registration to Submit Exam for Customs Broker
Request for Destruction of Merchandise
Registration to Submit an Examination for a Customs Dispatcher's Representative
Application for Medical Board for the Importation of Vehicles for Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
Addendum Inscription of Customs Dispatcher
Temporary Admission in General Regime.
Import and Marketing of Toys
Certificate for Import of Machinery or Equipment
Application for Access to Public Information - National Customs Office
Tire import license
Certificate of Import of Radioelectric Equipment of Less than US $ 200 with Franchise
Import Certificate for Broadcasters and Television for Subscribers
Enabling to Import or Manufacture Tires and Tire Chambers
Vehicle Homologation - Law 19.061 of Road Safety
Import of Medicines Not Registered in Our Country
Baggage of Travelers - Management of the Baggage Franchise
Exemption of Import Taxes and Declaration of Educational Material - National Book Commission
Rate Modification - UTE
Approach on Embargo
Exonerations of Imports from Private Institutions