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Title Description
Online Consultations to the URSEC
Complaints and claims
Complaints with the National Lotteries and Quinielas Directorate
Sending Invoices by Email
Complaints about Tax Fraud
Complaint for Incorrect Use of Phytosanitary Products
Mining complaints
Complaints Linked to Fairs Administered by the Agency
Claim - About lack of posters nomenclator
Claims for Traffic Accidents in National Routes
Complaints before Public Spectacles
Complaints to the Unit of Access to Public Information (UAIP)
Attention to the Police Hospital User
Attention to the Police Hospital User
Presentation of Complaints / Complaints about Regular Transportation of Passengers, Metropolitan, National and International services.
Request for a New Regular Passenger Transportation Line
Request for Special Contracted Services - Article 222
Request - Removal of public lighting line
Presentation of Suggestions in the National Naval Prefecture