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Title Description
Vehicle Deregistration Request (WasteServ Malta Ltd)
Vehicle Transfer Request (WasteServ Malta Ltd)
Aircraft Maintenance Trainees and Personnel Introduction Aircraft Maintenance Training and Experience Logbook
Appointment of Residing Agent for Aircraft Registration
Body Corporate Mortgage Deed for Aircraft
European Commission (EC) Regulation Approval Application for Part-145 Maintenance of Aircraft
European Commission (EC) Regulation for Part-147 Approval Form - Maintenance of Aircraft
Get Log on Authorisation as a Flight Crew Examiner
Individual Owner Mortgage Deed for Aircraft
Initial, Amendment or Renewal of Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML)
Issue of Airworthiness Review Certificate
Joint Aviation Requirements Flight Crew Licence (JAR-FCL) Airline Transport Pilot's Licence Theoretical Knowledge Examination
Language Proficiency Test for Flight Crew
Management Personnel Required to be Accepted as Specified in Regulation EC 2042/2003 within the Civil Aviation Directorate
Multi-Pilot Aeroplane Proficiency Check Form (ATPL)
Night Qualification for Aeroplanes
Notification to Conduct a Skill Test, Proficiency Check or Assessment of Competence for Flight Crew
Occurrence Report for Aircrafts
Operations Manual Approval by the Civil Aviation Directorate
Part-21 Permit to Fly
Part-66 Basic Knowledge Examination - Aircraft Maintenance Licence
Revocation of Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation Form
Transfer of a JAR-FCL (Joint Aviation Requirements - Flight Crew Licence) to Change State of Issue to Malta
Withdrawal of Prohibitory Notice of the Aircraft Registration Act
Add Motor Transport Vehicles to Operator's Licence
Application for a Road Hump
Application for Motor Car Dealers to Register and Licence a Vehicle
Company or Partnership Details (ADV)
Customs and Police Inspection Form to Register a Used Vehicle Imported from a Non-EU Country
Customs Inspection Form to Register a New Vehicle Imported from Non-EU Countries
Declaration of Compliance for Open Top Buses
Deposit Form (VEH 03)
Exhaust Emissions Report
Licence E for Animals Used for Riding Under Saddle on the Road
New Vehicle Under a Public Service Garage (LY-QZ)
Register an Engine Imported from an EU Member State
Registering a New or Used Vehicle
Registration of a Mini Moto or a Light Quadricycle (VEH 09)
Registration or Deletion of Drivers Employed or Commissioned by the Operator for the Carriage of Passengers
Regularisation of Accumulated Road Licence Arrears (VEH 44)
Request for the Registration Value of a Used Vehicle which is Not Available on the Website
Scrapping or De-Registering a Vehicle
Seatbelt Exemption
Transfer of a Vehicle from One Public Service Garage to Another Public Service Garage
Transfer of Vehicle by Inheritance
Transfer/Remove Vehicles Registered under Carriage of Passengers Operators Licence (CPOL)
Vehicle Indemnity Guarantee
Waiving of Administrative and Vehicle Licence Fees due to Justified Reasons
Withdrawal of a Public Service Garage Permit
Declaration for a Loss of a Registration Certificate for Small Ships
Marine VHF Radio to be Installed and Used on a New Vessel
Ownership Declaration by Individual Owner or Transferee for Ships
Ownership Declaration on Behalf of a Body Corporate as Owner or Transferee for Ships
Request for Closure of Registry for Small Ships (Voluntary Closure)
Small Ship Transfer Notice by Inheritance
Suspension of the re-Registration of a Small Ship Registered in a Boatdealer's Name
Transcript of Register for Ships
Transfer Notice for Small Ship Ownership