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Title Description
Exemption from Registration Tax Due to Transfer of Residence
Access to the Excise Movement Control System
Affixed Excise Tax Stamps for Alcoholic Beverages Reconciliation Form
Bringing your Personal Belongings to Malta from Outside the EU
Declaration for Controls of Cash Entering or Leaving the Community
Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) Consent Form
Entry for the Payment of Rent and Removal Expenses on Merchandise Entered in Government Warehouse
Entry/Exit Summary Declaration Application Form for Carrier and Representative
Entry/Exit Summary Declaration Application Form for System to System User
Excise Registered Consignee (ERC)
Internal Administrative Accompanying Document (IAAD)
Mobile Telephony Operator Registration Application
Payment for Excise Tax Stamps
Port Clearance Form
Refunds of Duty Application
Remote Access Facility Application
Remote Access Facility Application
Remote Access Facility for Excise Registered Trader Application
Request for the Attendance of Customs Personnel
Supply of Excise Tax Stamps Application
Supply of Excise Tax Stamps for Wines
Application for Pro-Rata Social Security Contributions (SSC) Class II Rate
Application for Reduced Social Security Contributions (SSC) for Full-Time Farmers and Breeders
Causa Mortis Declaration
Employer Registration on behalf of a Company or Other Body of Persons
Expatriates Taxpayer Registration Form
Final Settlement System - Payee Statement of Earnings
Final Settlement System - Payee Status Declaration
Final Settlement System - Payer's Annual Reconciliation
Fringe Benefits - Application for a Reduced Rate for Point to Point Service or Delivery
FSS Service Registration
Notice of Inter Vivos
Payment of Tax Under-Deducted from Part-Time Work
PE Number De-Activation Form
PE Number Re-Activation Form
Promise of Sale or of a Transfer of Immovable Property
Provisional Tax (P.T.) Reduction Form
Registration as Tax Representative
Registration by an Individual as an Employer
Registration of Trust for the Purposes of the Income Tax Acts
Request for Remission of Additional Tax and Interest
Social Security Contribution Refund 15(7)
Social Security Contribution Refund 15(8)
Termination of Authorisation of Tax Representative
Part-Time Employment (TA23)
Part-Time Self Employment
Social Security Contributions Class 2
Submit FS5
Tax on Rents
VAT Payment
Certify (Tax Credits)
Investment Tax Credits