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Title Description
Get Qualified - Certifications Not Offered in Malta
Training as Slaughterhouse Butchers
Trade Testing Child Care
Construction Industry Skill Card
Recognition as EP Assessor or Inspector from other EU Member States
Certificate of Validation of a Micropilot Licence
Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Course)
Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Goods Transport Course
Certification of Vintage Vehicles
Driving Licence Medical Certification
Certificate of Proficiency as Ship Security Officer (Issue 1)
Issuance of Notice of Eligibility and Relative Certificate of Competency for Maritime Transport
Issue of an Able Seafarer Deck (AB), Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB) or Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)
Issue or Revalidation of a Certificate of Competence (Merchant Shipping)
Medical Fitness Certificate for Persons Serving on Commercial Vessels Operating within Ports, Internal, and Territorial Waters of Malta
Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
Watch Rating Certificate
Equality Mark Certification
Application for Organic Farming Certification
Application for Pest Control Certification