Business Registrations :: Applications

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Title Description
Registration of a Child Day Care Facility as an Educational Establishment
Application Form to Become a TEFL Certified Accredited Centr
SEPTT (Spoken English Proficiency Test for Teachers) Application Form
Licensing of New Educational Institutions
Accreditation of Youth Volunteering Organisations
Cooling Tower System and Evaporative Condensers Registration Form
Registration of Food Premises in Terms of the Food Safety Act
Registration of Private Water Supplies
Registration of Swimming Pool
Trader Registration Form
Registration of Activities (General) (ERA)
Registration of Activities (Hull Cleaning
Registration of Activities in SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) Sites
Registration of Mobile Plant for Site Remediation
Register as a Producer of Batteries and Accumulators
Register as a Producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Register as a Producer of Packaging
Registration for Road Tankers Handling Petrol
Registration of Farms
Vehicle Registration Request (WasteServ Malta Ltd)
Waste Broker (Based in the Maltese Islands)
Waste Carrier Vehicle Registration
Digital Radio Broadcasting Application
Child Care Centres Registration
Registration of an Accounting and/or Audit Firm
Malta Crafts Council Registration
Registration of a Co-Operative Society
Registration as a Newspaper Editor
Registration as a Newspaper Publishe
Registration as a TV and/or Radio Station Editor