Government Services :: Benefits

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Title Description
Childcare Temporary Registration
Free Childcare
Anti-Bullying Service
Anti-Substance Abuse Service
Early Intervention Service
Family Writing Activity
Nwar Programme Referral
Service for the Visual Impaired
Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties
Social Work Service
Government Emigration Assistant Scheme Beneficiaries
Free Breakfast Club Service in Primary State Schools
GEM16+ Education Programme Centre
School Transport for State Schools
Supporting Business Entities to Attend International Internet Technology Events
Domestic Wells Grant
Roof Insulation & Double Glazing Grant
Application for Fiscal Incentive
Application for NI Exemption
Average Wage Earners Scheme
Childcare Subsidy Scheme - End of Course Reimbursement
Incentive for Employers to Employ Mature Workers
Investing in Skills – Application Form
Investing in Skills – Delegation of Authority
Investing in Skills – Request for Reimbursement
Job Brokerage Coupon for Migrants and Refugees
Job Brokerage Request Form for Migrants and Refugees
NEET Activation Scheme
Application for the Guarantee Fund
Appointment of an Administrator or Agent of an Administrator for Pensions and Benefits
Blue Badge Scheme (Blue Sticker)
Empowerment Scheme
Exemption from Payment of the Vehicle Road Licence
Jobs Enhancing Skills Scheme (JESS) - Entities Application
Jobs Enhancing Skills Scheme (JESS) Application
Persons with Disability Scheme (Scheme DIS): Grant to Render Residence Accessible
Sonia Tanti Independent Living Centre
Special Identity Card & EU Disability Card (SID-EU Card)
Support Groups for Siblings of Persons with Disabilities
VAT Refund on Equipment or Computers for Persons with Disability
Workshops and Support Groups - Aġenzija Sapport
Age Pension
Appeal Against a Social Security Decision
Application Monitoring (DSS)
Carers Allowance
Certification of Insurance/Employment Periods in another EU Country (Form U1)
Child in Care Benefit (Foster Care Service)
Child in Care Benefit (Residential Service)
Children's Allowance Calculator
Claim for Children's Allowance for Additional Children
Claim for Revision for Children's Allowance
Contributory Retirement Grant for Non-Pensioners
Deposit in a Bank Account Electronic Notification (Social Security Department)
Disabled Child Allowance
Disease/Medical Condition Related to Work Benefit
Energy Benefit (Beneficiaries entitled to Non-Contributory Benefits)
Energy Benefit (Disabled Beneficiares)
Energy Benefit (Humanitarian Case)
Entitlement to Remain Insured in Malta (Form A1)
Exemption from Paying Class 2 Contributions
Exemption from Payment of the Employer’s Share of Social Security Contributions as an Employer of a Live-in Carer
Increased Carers Allowance
Increased Severe Disability Assistance
Injury Benefit
Invalidity Pension
In-Work Benefit
In-Work Benefit Calculator
Marriage Grant
Maternity Leave Benefit
Maternity/Adoption Leave Trust Claim
Medical Certificate Monitoring
Milk Grant
Orphan’s Supplementary Allowance
Payment Schedule Dates
Personal Details Monitoring (DSS)
Power of Attorney for Pensions and Benefits
Retirement Pension
Retirement Pension Calculator
Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions
Schedule of Benefit Rates
Senior Citizen Grant
Sickness Benefit Calculator
Social Security Number
Student's Allowance
Supplementary Allowance (Head of Household) - (For the Period between 6th January 2018 and 4th January 2019
Supplementary Allowance (Not Head of Household) - (For the Period between 6th January 2018 and 4th January 2019)
Supplementary Allowance (SPA)
Tapering of Benefits (Employed Person)
Tapering of Benefits (Head of Household with Employed Spouse/Partner)
Tapering of Benefits (Married/Civil Union/Cohabiting)
Tapering of Benefits (Self-Occupied Person)
Tapering of Benefits (Single Parents)
Tubercolosis Assistance
Unemployment Assistance
Unemployment Benefit Calculator
Widow/er' s Pension
Widow/er’s Pension Calculator
Access to Finance and/or the Allocation of Industrial Space
Advertising Lotteries
Aid for Research and Development (R&D) Projects (Tax Credit)
Business Associations Grant Scheme
Cooperate for Growth
Gozo Transport Grant Scheme
Industrial Space for Small Business Activities
Innovation Aid for SMEs
Investment Aid for High Efficiency Cogeneration
Knowledge Transfer
Micro Guarantee Scheme 2017-2020
Qualifying Employment in Innovation and Creativity (Personal Tax)
Rent Subsidy
Research and Development Grant
Startup Advance
Support for the Development of Business Units at the Artisan Village, Ta' Qali
Tax Credits for R&D and Innovation
The Research and Experimental Development Pre-Proposal Check (Linked to Industrial and Experimental Development Tax Credits)
Business START (B. Start)
Microinvest - Tax Credits for Micro Enterprises and the Self-Employed
Start-Up Finance 2017-2020
Elderly Services Gozo
Gozitan Sportsperson Assistance Scheme
Gozo Channel Family Pass
Gozo Employment Refund Scheme
Grant Payable to Malta Resident Students Following Full-Time Courses in Gozo
Payment of Subsidy to Gozo Residents Working in Malta within Government Ministries and/or Entities, Institutions and Other Government Agencies
Travel Reimbursement Scheme for Gozitan Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta