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Title Description
Consideration of a Medicinal Product to be Covered by the Government Formulatory List
Organ Donation - Registering your Wish
126a New Application/Renewal (Medicines (Marketing Authorisation) Regulations)
126a Notification of Variation (Malta Medicines Authority)
Authorisation for Communication or Signing On Behalf of the Authorisation Holder
Batch Specific Request (Medicines Authority)
Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice
Classification Form for a Herbal Medicinal Product
Classification of a Borderline Product
Importation and/or Wholesale Distribution of Cannabis Based Products or Synthetic Cannabinoid Products in accordance with the Medicines Act and the Drug Dependence (Treatment not Imprisonment) Act
Marketing Authorisation for a Medicinal Product
Medicinal Clinical Trials
Medicinal Product Quality Defect Form
Notification of Changes to Labelling and Package Leaflets in Accordance with Article 61(3)
Parallel Import New Application/Parallel Import Renewal
Parallel Importation of Medicinal Products for Which Marketing Authorisations Have Already Been Granted
Qualified Person Eligibility (On a Manufacturing Importation Authorisation)
Request for Sunset Clause Exemption
Scientific Advice Request (SAR) or Protocol Assistance (PA)
Transfer of a Marketing Authorisation Holder During the Authorisation Procedure
Transfer of a Marketing Authorisation Holder for an Authorised Product
Variation to a Manufacturer's Importer's or Wholesale Dealer's Licence
Wholesale Dealer's Licence for Medicinal Products for Human Use