Utilities :: Electricity

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Title Description
Application for Connection of New and/or Shifted Street Lighting (Form STL)
Connecting a Combined Heat and Power Plant to the Grid (Form CHP)
Connecting a Micro Wind Turbine to the Grid (Form We)
Connecting a Photovoltaic (PV) to the Grid
Electricity Power Factor Correction (Form Ee)
Electricity Service Alteration (Shift Physical Location; Change from/to Single to Three Phase)(Form Be)
Electricity Service Removal (Form Ce)
Electricity Test or Change of Meter (Form He)
Gaiters/Switching Deviation (Form De)
Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects
New Electricity Service (Form Ae)
Reconnection of Electricity Service (Form REC)
Solar Water Heater Grant
Solar Water Heater Rebate (Form Ue)
Temporary Electricity Supply (Form Te)