Taxes :: VAT

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Title Description
Appeal to the Eco Tax Contribution Appeals Board
Application for Grant on Funeral Expenses
Application for Grant on the Purchase of a Musical Instrument
Application for Grant Paid on Expenses connected with a Priesthood Ordination
Application for Grant Paid on Expenses Connected with a Wedding Function
Business Premises Addition
Diplomatic Missions Refunds
Eco Registration
ECO Tax - Change of Address
ECO Tax - Deregistration
Grant on Purchase of Specialised Equipment by Persons with Special Needs
Grant on the Purchase of a Bicycle
Grant on the Purchase of Bicycles/Pedelecs for the purpose of Hire
New VAT Registration
Order VAT Receipt Books
Partnership Registration
Reactivation of a VAT Number
Reactivation of the ECO Number
Refund of VAT by a Business Person not Registered in Malta or in the EU
Refund of VAT on Purchases Made in Malta by non-EU residents.
Request for issue of Duplicate Logbook (Cash Register)
VAT Declaration of Purchasing New Means of Transport (VAT Form 007)
VAT Deregistration Application
VAT Notice of Payment in Terms of Articles 21(2), 21(3) and 21(5)
VAT Online Form 1
VAT Online Form 2
VAT Online Form 3
VAT Online Form 4
VAT Transfer of Fiscal Cash Register