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Title Description
Caution on a Registered Title (Form D)
Development Notification Order - Form 10B/16
Form GLA1 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA11 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA12A (Lands Authority)
Form GLA13 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA14 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA15 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA17 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA18B (Lands Authority)
Form GLA19 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA2 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA20 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA22 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA23 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA3 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA4 (Lands Authority)
Form GLA9 (Lands Authority)
Form PC-A
Form PC-B
Form PC-C
Form PC-D
Form PLA1 (Lands Authority)
Form PLA2 (Lands Authority)
Form PLA3 (Lands Authority)
Guidance Note to Assist Architects and Applicants to fill in Forms PC-A to PC-D
Marsamxett Balcony Grant Scheme 2018
Ownership Declaration Form
Perit's Declaration for the Issue of a Compliance Certificate - Form PA 11B/16
Register a Hypothec on a Registered or Unregistered Property (Form B)
Register a Property (Form A)
Registration of Condominium Rules or Amendments Thereto (Form 2)
Request for an Official Search and/or Information for Property (Form E)
Sample Application For Development Permission - Sample Form PA 1/16
Setting Out Application Form - Form 13/16
Nikru Biex Nassistu Scheme
Lifts Installation Scheme (Scheme LFT)
Private Rent Subsidy Scheme (Scheme PRS)
Redemption of Ground Rent (Scheme P)
Sir Sid Darek 2014 (Scheme SSD)
Social Housing Maintenance Request
Subsidy on Adaptation Works in Dwellings occupied by Owners or Tenants (Scheme ADP)
Test of Reasonableness Board (TORB)
Catering Capacity Building