Agriculture and Livestock :: Fruits, Grains, and Vegetables

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Title Description
Annual Grape Harvest Declaration
Application for Denominazzjoni ta’ Oriġini Kontrollata (D.O.K.) or Indikazzjoni Ġeografika Tipika (I.G.T.) Certification
Co-Cultivators Form
Commercial Licence for the Production of Olive Oil
Declaration for the Annual Olive Harves
Declaration of Wine and/or Must Production
Declaration of Wines and/or Musts Stock
Participation in the Denominazzjoni ta’ Oriġini Kontrollata (D.O.K.) or Indikazzjoni Ġeografika Tipika (I.G.T.) Certification Schemes
Products of Quality National Scheme (Land Based)
Recognition as a Producer Group, or Producer Organisation for Vines
Registration in Vineyard Register for Denominazzjoni ta’ Oriġini Kontrollata (D.O.K.) or Indikazzjoni Ġeografika Tipika (I.G.T.) Wines
Registration of Olive Trees
Request for Banderols (Vines)
Variation of the Wine Potential
Botanist and Plant Disease Service (ecoGozo)
Wild Plants Identification Service (ecoGozo)