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Title Description
Online shopping - Customs clearance for individuals
Complaint about an individual decision Aurland municipality
Complaint about an individual decision Fitjar municipality
Complaint about an individual decision Kongsberg municipality
Complaint about an individual decision Porsgrunn municipality
Order a tax exemption card
See which employers have obtained your tax deduction card
Order an exemption card or tax deduction card
Table-based deductions and percentage deductions for tax deduction cards
Create a customer ID number for tax payments
Shareholder's tax report and equity certificates
Application for extended deadline for submitting the tax return
See your claims and payments at the tax collector
Search the tax lists
Amend tax deduction card / advance tax
Death report and inheritance
View, edit or submit the tax return
Help to get the taxes right
Declaration of paid work at home where a private individual is the employer
Appeal against my wealth and income tax
Deduction wizard
Commuter guide
Travel Deduction for travel between home and work
Check your tax assessment
Calculate your tax
Certificate for tax and value added tax
Service Centre for Foreign Workers
MinID-account - how to create and use
Appeal against tax on estate - Oslo municipality Oslo municipality
Tax certificate Drammen Municipality