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Title Description
Authorization to apply the deductible donations received in additional activities before the SAT
Authorization to deduct losses of securities
Notice of compensation of balances in favor via the Internet, large taxpayers or hydrocarbons
Compensation of balances in favor of the IETU
Consultation of the procedure of return by Internet
Informative declaration of taxpayers granting donations (DIM Annex 3)
Return of balances in favor of the Tax on Cash Deposits (IDE)
Request for refund of balances in favor of the IMPAC to recover
Application for refund of balances in favor of VAT
Request for refund of amounts in favor of other contributions
Request for refund of balances in favor of the IEPS, diesel or biodiesel credit and their mixtures
Application for the return of balances in favor of the IETU
Application for refund of balances in favor, Large Taxpayers or Hydrocarbons
Application for balances in favor of ISR
Generation of electronic invoice
Authorization to issue electronic fuel purses
Request for advisory services, complaints, claims and legal representation and defense
Registration to the register of taxpayers of alcoholic beverages before the RFC
Disincorporation to the scheme of registration in the RFC through Public Fedatario by remote means
Registration in the RFC of individuals from the primary sector
Validation of the key in the RFC
Report and delivery of documentation by Public Fedatarios of registration in the RFC of moral persons
Informative return of operations over $ 100,000.00
Sending of financial statements before the SAT
Registration in the RFC of Federation Bodies, Federative Entities, Municipalities, Decentralized Bodies and Autonomous Constitutional Bodies
Report of Public Fedatarios in matters of registration and notices to the RFC
Cancellation in the RFC due to total cessation of operations
Notice of loans, contributions for future capital increases or capital increases received in cash
Technical opinion to process the property tax exemption in Mexico City, on buildings that are historical monuments
Update of the data of the issuers of electronic fuel purses
Data update of the issuers of electronic wallet vouchers
Update of data in the directory of Authorized Donations before the SAT
Authorization to issue electronic purses for pantry vouchers
Notice of presentation of the registration of the documents that show the corresponding financing operation, in the Special Section of the National Registry of Securities and Intermediaries in charge of the National Banking and Securities Commission
Notice of renewal of the authorization and display of the guarantee to operate as issuer of electronic wallet vouchers
Notice for the determination of the deductible loss on the sale of shares and other securities, when they are acquired or disposed of outside the Stock Exchange
Notice presented by the depository of securities to be released from the obligation to withhold ISR with respect to income from the sale of securities
Notice that must be submitted in the months of January and February of each year, regarding the option of non-retention of the ISR for the use or temporary enjoyment of real estate to residents of the United States of America.
Notices for the administration of personal retirement plans
Unique format of Guarantees in the matter of VAT and IEPS
Transparency information of the donations received from the Authorized Donations before the SAT
Report on the presentation of the report on financial statements for tax purposes issued by a registered public accountant of large taxpayers
Report on the amount of the contributions made to the funds and savings banks that they manage, as well as the nominal and real interest paid in the year in question
Report of folio numbers of tags or seals obtained, used or destroyed
Quarterly report of volume and value for the acquisition of alcohol, denatured alcohol and uncrystallizable honeys
Request for a refund of the guarantee presented by the billing certification provider
Request of the Authorized Welfare Donations to receive in donation the goods offered by the taxpayers
Special digital seal certificate (CESD) to operate as a CFDI issuance certification provider through the purchaser of goods or services to individuals
Certificate renewal of e.firma
Revocation of your e.firma certificate
Obtaining and updating the password for the use of the SAT portal
Opinion of compliance with tax obligations
Obtaining e.firma