Customs and Trade :: Import/Export

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Title Description
Authorization to individuals to import goods only once without being registered in the importers registry
Cancellation of Registration of PROSEC and IMMEX
Certificate to participate in bidding for import and export quotas for individuals
Permission to import used vehicles for donation
Expansion to the IMMEX Program for sensitive products
Authorization of the IMMEX Program for business controllers
Authorization of the IMMEX Program for companies under the tertiarization modality
Extension to the IMMEX Program service activities record
Import permit for used tires for retreading
Import permit for used vehicles
Permit to import used vehicles to dismantle
Import license for motor vehicles that were considered new at the time of their entry into the tax warehouse
Transfer of import or export quota through public tender
Ambulance import permit for the reconstruction and reconditioning of this type of vehicle
Permit to import used vehicles adapted for people with disabilities
Register of Sectoral Promotion Programs (PROSEC)
Prior permission to import used tires to market
Annual report of foreign trade operations for companies with Programs of Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services (IMMEX)
Authorization for certificates of import quotas for the northern border strip and border region
Extraordinary permit for the importation of weapons
Ordinary permit for the export of material under a general permit for natural or legal persons
Extraordinary permission for the temporary importation of weapons, ammunition and various props used exclusively for cinematographic activities
Direct allocation of import and export quota for moral persons
Authorization of the IMMEX Program for industrial, service and hostel companies
Automatic import notification for lottery machines with numbers or symbols, which are subject to random
Automatic import notification for steel products
Issuance of certificate of quota obtained by direct assignment from first to time, first in right
Issuance of quota certificate obtained by direct assignment
Issuance of quota certificate obtained by public tender
Issuance of import permits for anti-pollution equipment
Modification in the description of goods to the import or export permits already granted
Import Permit for rough diamonds
Import permit for products from Chile and Uruguay
Permission to export rough diamonds
Permission to export iron ore
Permission to import goods destined for scientific and technological research, and technological development
Prior permission to import machinery and equipment to comply with commercial obligations in international markets
Extension to import or export permits already granted
Registration of Eligible Products for Tariff Preferences for Obtaining Certificates of Origin of the Mexico / Uruguay Free Trade Agreement
Registration of products to obtain certificates for the agreement with Peru
Validation of the Certificate of Origin Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) for Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay
Validation of the Certificate of Origin of the Mexico-Oriental Republic of Uruguay Free Trade Agreement
Validation of the certificate of origin of Mexican articles
Notice of imported materials of temporary regime, return of their hazardous waste and recycling of unreturned hazardous waste