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Title Description
Economic support of the COFAA for publication of articles
Scholarship for indigenous students of higher level
Application for a Higher Education scholarship
Sports economic CONADE scholarship
Exclusive scholarship for teachers of the IPN
Scholarships and support from CIMAT
Request for support in science, technology and innovation / postgraduate scholarships and quality support (scholarships, National scholarship, PNPC, scholarship abroad, young talents, heads of family, indigenous, PFAN, national postdoctoral stay and abroad, sabbatical stays, retention, repatriation, medical and postgraduate specialties in the industry)
Scholarship application with the ISSFAM
Application to obtain a scholarship from the Scholarship Program for Higher Secondary Education (PROBEMS)
Financial support from COFAA to attend courses, diploma courses, workshops and seminars
Economic support from COFAA to participate as speakers
Economic support of the COFAA for publication of articles
Economic support from the COFAA to carry out a research stay
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