Customs and Trade

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Title Description
Commission or revocation to the customs agent for foreign trade
Permit for temporary importation of foreign vehicle
Registration of the Harmonized Alphanumeric Carrier Code (CAAT)
Tariff classification query
Consultation on foreign trade and customs matters
Declaration of withholdings and payments made to residents abroad (DIM Annex 4)
Notice of Compensation of balances in favor of VAT, Large Taxpayers or Hydrocarbons
Notice by which the residents of Mexico report that they choose to apply the provisions of sections I and II of Article 182 of the ISR Law
Declaration DIM Annex 5 of the preferential tax regimes
Declaration of integrating companies, information of their integrates (DIM Annex 6)
Declaration of operations carried out through trusts (DIM Annex 10)
Informative statement of operations with related parties
Verification of authenticity of the acknowledgments with digital stamp
Registration in the importers registry