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Title Description
Preventing alcohol abuse and alcoholism
Young people and alcohol
The rules on selling alcoholic beverages to young people
Question and answer
Measures against antibiotic resistance
International cooperation on antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic resistance in healthcare institutions
Research into new antibiotics and non-antibiotic approaches
Antibiotic resistance in the livestock industry
Antibiotic resistance and food
Long-term care at home
Social Support Act (Wmo 2015)
Living independently for longer
Question and answer
Difference between hard and soft drugs
Toleration policy regarding soft drugs and coffee shops
Drug use and addiction care
Drug-related crime and nuisance
International effort to combat drug trafficking and other forms of crime
Am I committing a criminal offence if I possess, produce or deal in drugs?
Why are coffee shops allowed to sell soft drugs in the Netherlands?
What is addiction care?
How does the law distinguish between soft and hard drugs?
Controlled cannabis supply chain experiment
Question and answer
Benefits of eHealth
Government encouraging use of eHealth
Question and answer
Compulsory standard health insurance
Buying medicines online
Keeping medicines affordable
Monitoring the quality and safety of medicines
Question and answer
Primary and secondary mental health care
Involuntary admission and the use of compulsion in the care sector
Preventing suicide
Question and answer
Chronic Care Act (WLZ)
Improving elder care in nursing homes
Care for people with disabilities
Question and answer
Rules on organ and tissue donation
Stem cell donation
The new Donor Act (active donor registration)
Question and answer
Tackling overweight and obesity
Population screening programmes
Outcome-based Healthcare 2018-2022
Safety and healthcare
Monitoring the quality of healthcare
Quality requirements for care providers
Good governance in the care sector
Quality of care for patients with chronic disease
Licences under the Special Medical Procedures Act
Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (WKKGZ)
Data protection and the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act