New Zealand

Individuals and Families

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Title Description
While you're pregnant
Registering a new baby and getting a birth certificate
Help paying for childcare
Leaving children home alone
How to get married in NZ
Getting married overseas
Find a marriage celebrant
Registry office weddings
Find a registry office
Get a marriage licence
Changing your name when you get married
Get a marriage certificate
Change a civil union to a marriage
Submit a notice of objection to someone’s wedding
Information for marriage celebrants
How to get divorced in NZ
Separating from your spouse or partner
Getting a divorce
Child custody
Relationship counselling
Child support
If you're having trouble getting pregnant
Donating sperm or eggs
Finding a child or parent on the sperm and egg donor list
Adopting a baby
Placing a child for adoption
Finding your birth parents
Finding your birth child
Fostering a child
Help when you're raising children
How Working for Families Tax Credits are paid
Youth benefits
Financial help and benefits if you're over 65
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) for personal care and welfare
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) for property
Get a congratulatory message
Domestic or family violence
Police safety orders
Protection orders
Stalking and harassment
Family violence services by region
Child abuse
Financial abuse