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Title Description
Application for reinstatement of the right to a surviving spouse's pension
RSA Request (MSA)
Request for RSA (Caf)
Simulator and Activity Bonus Application - MSA
Activity Bonus Application - Caf
Application for admission to an accommodation facility for dependent elderly people (Ehpad)
Join the universal service employment check (Cesu)
Change of address (Ameli)
Ameli online
Access your personal medical record (DMP)
MRS job offers (simulation recruitment method)
Business window: one-stop shop for business creation
Register or re-register as a jobseeker
RSA - Report quarterly resources
Obtain a certificate of rights
Request for individual situation reports (civil servants, magistrates and soldiers)
Elected: Ircantec Retirement Application
My retirement account
Pension Deposit Fund Online
Hospital Practitioner: Ircantec Retirement Application
Online Retirement Application from a Government Official or Magistrate
Retired Public Servant: Report a Business Renewal
Ask for retirement Agirc-Arrco online
Consultation of the individual situation report
Allowances and family benefits - Situation Statement (CAF)
Application for a Child's Pension Surcharge - State Civil Servant, Magistrate or Retired
Estimate of the amount of the retirement pension (employee, civil servant, self-employed worker)