Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Application to Use CPF savings to Repay Housing Loan for Private Property
Apply for a HDB Loan Eligibility Letter (HLE)
Season Parking eServices
Subletting eServices
e-Application of Season Parking Ticket
Application for Travel
Application for Moneylender's Licence
Application for Pawnbroker's Licence
Check Work Permit application and validity status via SMS
Application for Burial, Cremation, Niches and Coffin Permits
Booking form for visit to NEA Installation
Booking form for visit to NEA Installation
Food Shop Licence
Food Stall Licence
General Waste Collector Licence
Supermarket Licence
Swimming Pool Licence
Apply for a camping permit
Apply for filming permit at a public park
Apply to speak at Speakers' Corner
Application for Carrying out New Sanitary Works at Existing Premise/Shops
Application for Connection of Temporary Toilet Facilities to Sewerage System
Application and Renewal of Fire Certificate
Application for Temporary Change of Use Permit
Application for Temporary Fire Permit / Fire Safety Certificate
Petroleum & Flammable Material Import Licence
Petroleum & Flammable Material Pipeline Licence
Petroleum & Flammable Material Storage Licence
Petroleum & Flammable Material Transport Licence
Sale of Documents - Ambulance Report
Sale of Documents - Fire Report
Temporary Change of Use Permit (TP)
Apply and renew Private Investigator and Security Officer Licences
Apply and renewal Arms and Explosive Licence
Apply for House-to-House & Street Collection Licences
Apply for Police Permit for Public Talks, Processions and Assemblies
Apply for New Season Parking Ticket
Apply for Use of Season Parking Ticket by a Temporary Vehicle
Apply for Use of URA Parking Lots for Non-parking Activities