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Deregistered Private Education Institutions
EduTrust Certification Status of Private Education Institutions
Permitted Courses Offered by Private Education Institutions
Registration Status of Private Education Institutions
e-Booking for Learning Journey
Programme Registration
Early Childhood Development Agency Portal
Home Team Diploma Sponsorship
Home Team ITE Sponsorship
Request for Educational Materials / DVD Video
Request for loan of Exhibits
Alumni Relationship Management System
Further Studies Portal
NP Courses (Android)
NP Courses! (iPhone/iPad)
Education@Zoo (iPhone/iPad)
IT Choices@NYP (Android)
IT Choices@NYP (iPhone)
Library On the Go (Android)
Library On the Go (iPhone/iPad)
NYP Mobile (for Staff) (Android)
NYP Mobile (for Staff) (iPhone/iPad)
NYP Mobile (for Student) (Android)
NYP Mobile (for Student) (iPhone/iPad)
NYP’s eServices Page
Parks “Live” (iPhone/iPad)
Pocket OneMap (Android)
Pocket OneMap (Windows Phone)
Pocket OneMap (iPhone/iPad)
iGoNYP (iPhone)
Enrolment (Full-Time Courses)
Enrolment to Part-Time Diploma Courses
Facility Booking
Graduates’ Portal
Job Portal
Parents' Portal
Online Booking of Science Centre Enrichment Programs
Electronic Courses and Seminars (eCSR)
Electronic Fire Safety Manager (eFSM)
Donate to SP Endowment Fund (Alumni Scholarship)
Online Learning Management System for CET Courses
SP CCA (Android)
SP CCA (iPhone/iPad)
SP Engineering Show (Android)
SP Engineering Show (iPhone/iPad)
SP Map (iPhone/iPad)
SP Mobile (Android)
SP Mobile (iPhone/iPad)
SP Xperience (iPhone/iPad)
SP’s eServices Page
TP Diplomas (iPhone)
TP Mobile (iPhone/iPad)