Government Payments

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Title Description
Payment of Search and Documents Extraction Fees
Housing Payments
Parking Fines e-Payment
Enquire on Fines and Notices
LTA Fines
Online Payment
Pay OSHD fines and bills
MPA e-Payment Services
National Environment Agency Online Fines Payment
onePA - Booking of PA Holiday Facilities
onePA - One-stop access to all of PA's courses, activities, facilities, interest groups and memberships.
Penalty Fee Appeal
Booking of Event Space – Security Deposit
Booking of Event Space – Temporary Occupation License Fee
Leak Detection at Customer’s Premises
Other Miscellaneous Fees
PUB Fines
Payment for Damages Made to PUB Property
Replacement of Water Service Plumber License
Singapore Water Academy Courses
Water Service Plumber License
Water Service Plumber License Exam
Water Service Works
RPI ePayment
Online Payment for Customs
SDC Online Payment
SMC Online Payment
SPC Online Payment
Payment of fines
SPRING Online Payments
STB Online Payments
Pay Parking Fines