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Title Description
Application for GIRO Payment - HDB Rent/ Instalment (Mortgage Loan/ Upgrading Cost)
EASE (Direct Application)
Electrical Loading Of Your HDB Block
Enquiry of Season Parking Information
Enquiry on Authorised Subtenant
Enquiry on Available Dates for Resale First Appointment
Enquiry on Buyers' eligibility under the Ethnic Integration Policy and SPR Quota
HDB Centralised Map Services
HDB e-Alert Service
List of HDB e-Services
[email protected] (Android)
[email protected] (iPhone/iPad)
Mortgage Loan/Upgrading Cost Instalments, Rent and Other Charges
[email protected]
Questionnaire on Eligibility Screening
Renewal of season parking tickets
Resale Flat Prices
e-Appointment Services
e-Renewal of Season Parking Ticket
e-Resale (for online submission of Resale Applications and Valuation Requests)
Customer Service Portal (CSP)
Online Plan Purchase
Integrated Land Information Service (INLIS)
Purchase Specific Facade Restoration Guidelines
Real Estate Information System (REALIS)
Real estate information