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Government Services :: Reporting a Problem

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Title Description
Report a disqualified director
Report a loan shark
Respond to a court claim for money
Report a suspected problem with an animal medicine or microchip
Get an injunction if you've been the victim of domestic violence
Get support as a victim of crime
National Benefit Fraud Hotline
Report a crime or antisocial behaviour
Report a rape or sexual assault
Report a stalker
Report a vehicle with no MOT
Report abuse of an older person
Report an immigration crime
Report an untaxed vehicle
Report benefit fraud
Report child abuse
Report child abuse to your local council
Report domestic abuse
Report hate crime
Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism
Report or find a missing person
Report smuggling
Report suspicious activity to MI5
Report tax evasion
Report vandalism
Terrorism and national emergencies
Complain about a limited company
Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge
Report a smoky lorry or bus
Report fly-tipping or illegal waste dumping
Report treasure, wreck material or archaeological finds
Report a dead or injured animal
Report a dog fouling problem
Report a pothole
Report a problem with 'street furniture'
Report a problem with a traffic light
Report an abandoned vehicle
Report an obstruction on the road
Report discarded syringes
Report fly-posting
Report graffiti
Report road flooding
Report squatters in a council property
Report a road spillage
Complain about someone who's bankrupt