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Property :: Intellectual Property

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Title Description
Apply for a patent
Apply to register a design
Apply to register a trade mark
Change or update your patent
Check the designs journal
Check the patents journal
Check the trade marks journal
Defend your intellectual property
Design right
File documents for a pending UK patent
Find a registered design
Find out if you need a licence to copy a creative work
Get a licence to play live or recorded music
Get an uncertified electronic copy of your patent
Get copies of patent, trade mark or design registration documents
Give notice of your intention to oppose a trade mark
How copyright protects your work
Intellectual property and your work
Patenting your invention
Register a design
Renew a patent
Renew your registered design
Renew your trade mark
Request UK processing of an international patent application
Search for a patent
Search for a trade mark
Search patent decisions
Search trade mark decisions
Track a trade mark
Update or cancel your registered designs
Update or surrender your registered trade marks
Using somebody else's intellectual property