United Kingdom

Vital Records

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Title Description
Adding a father's name to a birth certificate
Adoption records
Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate
Certifying a document
Change your name by deed poll
Correct a birth registration
Correct a death registration
Correct a marriage registration
Find a register office
General Register Office
General Register Office for Northern Ireland
Get a copy of military service records
Get your document legalised
Marriages and civil partnerships in the UK
National Records of Scotland
Order a commemorative marriage certificate
Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate
Register a birth
Register a birth abroad
Register a death
Register a stillbirth
Research your family history using the General Register Office
Verify an Apostille
What to do after someone dies
Apply for an exhumation licence
Apply to settle in the UK if your partner dies
Appoint the Public Trustee as executor of your estate
Business Relief for Inheritance Tax
Challenge a presumption of death claim
Change a will after a death
Change or cancel a presumption of death certificate
Claim or refer an unclaimed estate
Find a soldier's will
Find a will or probate document (England and Wales)
Find and claim money in a court account
Find bereavement services from your council
Get a declaration of presumed death
Inheritance Tax
Intestacy - who inherits if someone dies without a will?
Make a statutory will on behalf of someone else
Making a will
Pay your Inheritance Tax bill
Tax on property, money and shares you inherit
Telling DVLA after someone dies
Update property records when someone dies
Valuing the estate of someone who's died
Wills, probate and inheritance
Your benefits, tax and pension after the death of a spouse
Apply for a list of deaths registered in the UK
Register a birth
Register a stillbirth
View or share your driving licence information
Tell DVLA you've changed address
Apply to check someone else's criminal record
Find out if you can check someone's criminal record
Register a death