United Kingdom

Licensing and Permits

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Title Description
CCTV installation at your commercial property
Apply for your first provisional driving licence
Driving licence fees
Order DVLA forms
Driving a motorhome
Driving a minibus
Towing: licence and age requirements
Driving licence categories
Driving licence codes
Contact DVLA
Driving lessons and learning to drive
Find driving schools, lessons and instructors
Change your theory test appointment
Check your theory test appointment details
Cancel your theory test
Find a theory test centre
Cancel your driving test
Find a driving test centre
Theory test: cars
Find your lost theory test pass certificate number
Driving test: cars
Riding a motorcycle, moped or motor tricycle
CBT motorcycle and moped training
Find a motorcycle or moped CBT course
Theory test: motorcycles and mopeds
Become a licensed chaperone for child performers
Apply for a River Thames accommodation licence
Check if you need permission to do work on a river, flood defence or sea defence
Buy a rod fishing licence
Alcohol licensing in your area
Apply to hold a street party
Apply to do work on your home if you're in a conservation area
Apply to work on a tree that's protected
Apply for an appliance exemption for use in smoke control areas
Get a permit to deal with coal or coal mines