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Title Description
License for the right to carry out activities for the development of architectural and town planning documentation
Development of architectural and planning assignment
Approval of design estimates
State registration of mortgages and agreements on mortgages of buildings and structures, as well as proprietary rights to land
Harmonization of design estimates for individual housing construction (reconstruction)
Permission for construction and installation works
Permission for re-profiling and reconstruction of the facility
Obtaining a certificate of availability / absence of own housing
State registration of the lease of buildings and structures
Harmonization of changes in the appearance of a building and a structure
State registration of rights to restrict the use of another's land (easement)
Obtaining information about the area of ​​living quarters
Application of purchase and sale, barter or gift of real estate
Acceptance of completed buildings (reconstruction) of buildings and structures (for individual housing construction)
Acceptance of completed construction (reconstruction) of buildings and structures (for the operation of an object that is not the object of individual housing construction)