Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Registration / re-registration of an electronic pass to the ATO zone for crossing the collision line
Permission to reissue the contract of renting a residential property
Permission of the guardianship and guardianship body for the commission of the property belonging to the minors
Permission to develop a land management project for land plot assignment (self-constructed real estate)
Permission to lease the land plot to the property
Permission to lease a land plot
Permit to land the land for permanent use
Permission to produce technical documentation on land management regarding the establishment of boundaries of the land plot
A permit for the construction of a building passport for a residential or garden house
Building passport for land plot development
Permission to demolish emergency buildings
Permission to violate objects of improvement
Permission to perform redevelopment, refurbishment and arrangement of a suspended balcony
Appeal to provide free secondary legal aid
Permission to violate objects of improvement
Notification of holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations and demonstrations, sports, spectacle and other mass events
Permission to demolish emergency buildings
The certificate of the hunter and the control card of the game of the game and violations of the rules of hunting
Permission to remove green plantations
Permission to place outdoor advertising
Permission to place outdoor advertising outside the settlements of the region
Duplicate permission to place outdoor advertising
Approval of the requirements for the architectural and planning part of the project for the construction of cellular objects and their external engineering networks
Granting permission to place light artistic-spatial advertising compositions (neon, light cord)
Passport for open summer playground
Approval of the design of the advertising design
Approval of the placement on the territory of the city of temporary structures for the introduction of entrepreneurial activity
Issuance of a license for the carriage of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by river, sea transport
Permission to obtain hunting animals (license)
Permit for the employment of foreigners and stateless persons in the territory
Harvester ticket (special permit) for the harvesting of wood during the cutting of the main use
License for the right to sell alcoholic beverages and cider or perry
License for the right of retail sale of tobacco products
Obtaining a one-time (individual) license for realization of foreign economic activity entities of foreign economic operations
Permission to use local symbolism
Permission to conduct works on monuments of history, monumental art and science and technology of local significance
Permission for religious organizations to conduct religious activities that are held outside religious buildings
Approval of the project information sign on the monument of cultural heritage
Approval of the placement of advertising on monuments of local significance, within the zones of protection of such monuments in settlements
Issuance / replacement / renewal of the passport period of an anchor of a temporary construction
Certificate of actual receipt of funds to the budget from payment of licenses for the right to sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
Permission to conduct an advertising action
Permission to place a tour and advertisement of exhibitions of goods and services
Approval for the placement of mobile and small fixed-line facilities for the provision of recreation and entertainment services
Approval of placement on the objects of improvement of mobile objects of seasonal trade and holding fairs
Approval of the placement of remote small retail objects for the sale of ice cream and soft drinks in the spring-summer period
Arrangement of placing temporary facilities for points of single trade (services)
Permission to hold fireworks, filming with the use of pyrotechnic means of special and household purpose
Permit for transportation of over-sized, heavy cargo
Permission to participate in road traffic vehicles whose weight or overall dimensions exceed the regulatory
Application for a ship survey in operation
Approval of the route of the vehicle during road transport of dangerous goods