Environmental Regulation

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Title Description
Issuance of the conclusion about the absence or insignificance of minerals in the depths under the plot of the upcoming building
Issuance of the brand of sturgeon caviar for trade in the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Issuance of the certificate of origin of the catch
State registration of a long-term forest use agreement on the state forest fund plots
Obtaining permits for long-term use of environmental protection facilities for construction sites
Obtaining a certificate of metrological certification of measuring instruments
Receiving certificate of registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in operations with precious metals, with the exception of products made from them, and commodities containing precious metals
Registration of a pledge agreement for the rights of subsoil use for exploration, extraction or combined exploration and production for groundwater, therapeutic mud and solid minerals
Coordination of construction sites that affect the state and reproduction of forests
Coordination for work in the state forest fund not related to forest management
Coordination of the location of enterprises and other structures, as well as the conditions for the production of construction and other works on water bodies, water protection zones and lanes
Harmonization of the shipping regime during the spawning period prohibited for fishing, as well as in the ponds and (or) areas prohibited for fishing
Coordination of specific norms of water consumption and drainage
Coordination of installation of fish protection devices of water intake facilities
Subsidies for increasing the productivity and quality of aquaculture products (fish farming)
Permission for special water use