Licensing and Permits

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Title Description
Issuance of a license for educational activities
Conclusion of the authorized body of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union on the transit of hazardous waste through the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union
Conducting an annual state technical inspection of tractors and self-propelled chassis made on their base and mechanisms, trailers for them, including trailers with mounted special equipment, self-propelled agricultural, land-reclamation and road-building machines and mechanisms, as well as special off-road vehicles
Accreditation of local sports federations
Accreditation of republican and regional sports federations
Issuance of the act of entering the credit history database management system into the commercial operation of the credit bureau
Obtaining a license for the right to engage in brokerage (re-registration, obtaining a duplicate)
Obtaining a license for the right to engage in security activities (renewal, receipt of duplicates)
Assigning the qualifications of a forensic expert
Conducting a technical study on the classification of goods as special technical means for carrying out operational search activities
Numbering resource allocation and number allocation, as well as their removal
Coordination of the authorized body to establish a security organization by a national company
State Standard Approval