Government Services :: Benefits

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Title Description
Working life REPORT
Request for rectification of work life report
Retirement pension.
Retirement pension (REM).
Retirement in Judicial General Mutuality
Unemployment benefit
Unemployment benefit reduction
Certificates of unemployment benefits
Unemployment subsidy. Request
Non-contributory retirement pension
Non-contributory disability pension
Perception of public pensions: Report
Pension update
Pensions and benefits for workers
Be a pensioner in the European Union
Senior Residences of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso)
Subsidies subject to the general subsidy regime in the area of ​​care for the elderly.
Grants for seniors with residence in Ceuta and Melilla
Rating of the degree of disability
Recognition of the dependence situation and the right to benefits of the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency (SAAD) of the Dependency Law, in Ceuta and Melilla
Healthcare and pharmaceutical benefit for people with disabilities
Application for a place in Centers for Attention to People with Physical Disability (CAMF) of Imserso.
Application for a place in Recovery Centers for people with physical disabilities (CRMF) of Imserso.
Recognition of the right to the reduced rate of VAT of 4% in transactions relating to vehicles used to transport people with disabilities in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility
Consultations and complaints about disability discrimination
Information on benefits for large families