Czech Republic

Business Registrations

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Title Description
Providing services (Point of Single Contact)
Plan your business
Establishment of a Permanent Business
Start your business
Get started
Licences and permits, rules and regulation schemes (requirements for cross-border provision)
Qualification requirements and regulated professions
Recognition of Professional Qualifications
Registration of legal form of business
Taxes, VAT and other fees
Social and health insurance
Posting of workers
Step by step guidelines
Run your business
Accounting and financial reporting
Grow your business
Close your business
Taking Over a Business
Business Companies - Changes (Obchodní společnosti – změny)
Enterprise Europe Network – contact points – Czech Republic
Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities - ARES
Business Registry database
Registration authorities
Start up support and facilities
Addresses and contacts of the Points of Single Contact (PSC) network
Online Business Enquiry
Database of Investors